5 Ways to DESTROY Your Mobility

Mistakes to Avoid (and How to Fix Them)

Looking to improve your mobility? You’re not alone.

Many people make common mistakes that limit their mobility gains.

Inspired by the wisdom of financial guru Charlie Munger, we’re flipping the script. We are going to invert the problem. Figure out the best mobility killers. From there, we can learn the BEST way to improve our mobility.

Read on if you want to move better!

ALWAYS Look Down

Why It’s Bad

Ever caught yourself looking down while working out? Bad news, fam. This creates flexion through the ENTIRE spine.

So what?

You look down, your back gon round, and Zac gon frown 🙁

Well, you’ll end up moving a lot more through your back instead of your hips. Limiting your strength gains.

What’s more, say goodbye to hip-hinging. When your back rounds, it’s hard to shoot the hips back.

The Fix

Keep your head in a slight upper cervical extension. This opens up your airway and allows for a better range of motion.

Here are my big keys:

  • Standing – Eyes to horizon
  • Hinging – Gaze about 7 to 10 feet ahead on the floor
  • Face down – eyes straight down

Brace with ALL Motions

Why It’s Bad

Bracing limits motion. It’s like putting your body in a straitjacket. Will this work wonders when you have to move? I think NOT!

The Fix

Only brace when lifting heavy loads. Doing plyometrics? Your body must relax between high-force bouts. This improves your force production by activating the stretch-shortening cycle.

Need to rotate? Then exhale during the concentric, and inhale during the eccentric. This will help you get full range of motion.

Back – Use it All…The…Time

Why It’s Bad

You have more joints than just your back. You’re missing out on the benefits of hip and shoulder mobility.

Loading the hips would be kinda nice

The Fix

Balance your movements through your spine, hips, and shoulders. Use a breathing strategy that maximizes mobility. My key: quiet and slow nasal inhales; long, slow mouth exhales.

Let Your Feet Do Whatever

Why It’s Bad

Your feet are the foundation of your mobility. Ignoring them is like building a house on sand.

The Fix

Encourage foot pronation by putting weight on the inside heel and the base of the big toe. This will help you generate effective ground force.

I coach these on a LOT of moves

Don’t Even Think About Doing Mobility Work

Why It’s Bad

General warm-ups won’t cut it if you’re serious about improving your mobility. It’s a shotgun approach from long range. Who knows what you’ll actually hit? If anything!

The Fix

Identify your movement deficiencies and target them with specific exercises. For example, if you lack hip internal rotation, make that better. No need for a hip external rotation stretches if you already have it.

Sum Up

Improving your mobility is not just about what you should do, but also what you should avoid. By steering clear of these common mistakes, you’ll be well on your way to a more mobile and agile life.

To recap:

  • Keep upper cervical extension
  • Brace only with heavy lifts
  • Move through ALL joints, not just your back
  • Use your feet to produce better force
  • Choose mobility drills built for YOU!