Movement Chapter 12: Building the Corrective Framework

This is a chapter 12 summary of the book “Movement” by Gray Cook.


A Whole Lotta P

When we build our corrective framework, we must take into account the 6 P’s:

1)      Pain – Is there pain with movement? Staying away from pain improves motor control.

2)      Purpose – What movement pattern are we targeting with corrective exercise and what problem are we addressing (i.e. mobility, stability, dynamic motor control)?

3)      Posture – Which moderately challenging posture is the best starting point for corrective exercise that allows for reflexive activity?

4)      Position – Which ones demonstration mobility/stability problems and compensatory behaviors?

5)      Pattern – How is the dysfunctional movement pattern affected by corrective exercise?

6)      Plan – How can you design a plan based on findings?

The goal when designing the correction is to stay in the middle ground of the autonomic nervous system while providing a rich sensory experience.  Movement pattern dysfunction is a behavior that needs to be addressed and changed.