Breathing This Way UNLOCKS Mobility Everywhere!

This will kick EVERY mobility drill up a notch

Feel like stretching and mobility drills are falling short?

There’s a key piece you might be missing: breathing.

But not any old way to breathe.

In fact, one specific method can significantly improve your flexibility and mobility.

You’ll learn EXACTLY what this is in this post.

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The problem with stretching

When stretching, many people tend to tug on both ends of a muscle.

But there’s a BIG problem with classic stretching.

Aside from the outfits you have to wear during (Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay)

Tugging on each attachment point doesn’t necessarily impact the inner muscular portions.

This is where breathing comes in.

How breathing improves mobility

Breathing is the only thing that can change the physical shape of our body.

When we breathe in, our body has to expand to make room for the air. Then it gets smaller as we exhale. During lifts, if you were ever coached to inhale on the eccentric and exhale on the concentric, this is why.

But the lungs and ribcage aren’t the only areas affected. You also see changes in:

Basically, everything gets bigger as we breathe in
  • The abdominal wall
  • Pelvic floor
  • Pelvis

As you can see, breathing has a broad-ranging impact on the body. Thus, can be a useful way to maximize motion by altering body shape.

But any old breathing way won’t be effective. We need a specific strategy to make the most of this concept.

What’s that? Read on, fam!

The BEST breathing strategy to improve motion

The most effective breathing strategy to improve mobility is as follows:

  1. Silent nasal inhale
  2. Soft and slow mouth exhale

This strategy changes body shape while keeping bigger muscle groups relaxed.

The two drills I use to teach this strategy are prone and hooklying. Here’s how to use each:

Prone breathing

  1. Lie on stomach
  2. Hands crossed over your forehead
  3. Eyes glance upward to open up airway
  4. GENTLE elbow pressure into the ground
  5. Breathe per above

Hooklying breathing

  1. Lie on back
  2. Feet flat on the ground and pointing forward
  3. Eyes look to the ceiling
  4. GENTLE inner heel and big toe base contact into the ground
  5. Breathe per above
  6. Lower abs move towards the spine during exhale

Sum up

Once you’ve mastered these drills, incorporate the breath into your favorite mobility exercises. I guarantee you’ll notice a difference.

To recap:

  • Stretching does not change the entire muscle shape, but breathing does
  • Breathe silent through the nose and softly through the mouth

How’d this breath work in your mobility drills? Comment below and let us know!

Photo credit

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Patrick J Lynch