This INSTANTLY Improves Your Mobility

Unlock Your Shoulder Mobility Fast Experiencing shoulder discomfort or limitations? Enhancing your shoulder mobility is crucial for daily activities and sports performance. What if yours is questionable? Then you need to try the progression in this post. Your shoulder mobility will be WAY better. The Power of Hanging for Shoulder Mobility Hanging exercises, inspired by Dr. John Kirsch’s work, can improve shoulder girdle shape and mobility. More space in the shoulder joint equals more mobility and less discomfort. But there’s an added twist—what hanging does to your ribcage. Because it turns out, the ribcage is what your shoulder girdle sits on. The foundation. Hanging from a bar can help expand and move this area. Better ribcage mobility = better shoulder function. Gradual Progression is Key Jumping straight into a 1 arm dead hang isn’t a great first move. Like any exercise, you gotta ease into it. Build up your tolerance, and you’ll get CRAZY mobility improvements. Start with Supported Hanging Adding Movement to Hanging Once comfortable, incorporate movement into the hang. It’ll get your mobility like MEGA. You can try hip rotations. Swiveling the hips will rotate the torso. You can also swing your hips side to side, transferring weight from one shoulder to the other. Want to get real fancy? Lift one hand at the end of the shift. Alternate sides. Advanced Hanging Techniques Ready for more? Remove the box and follow the same progressions: 1. Full Hanging: Start by just hanging and breathing. 2. Rotations and Shifts: Use

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