Respiration Revisited Preview

Respiration, and how it impacts movement, is a topic of dear interest to me. I scoured a bunch of resources to better understand how this process works, and I figured I’d record a talk on how I am applying these concepts. Basically, I do the work, you reap the results #tistheseason Here were some of the topics I discussed in this talk: The anatomy of respiration The physiology of respiration Alterations in physiology and anatomy as respiratory demands increase How to simply assess how movement is affected by respiration Easy to implement treatments to favorably impact movement If you want immediate access to the remainder of the nearly 90 minute talk, and a FREE 27 page PDF file of my talk notes, fill out the form below. [yikes-mailchimp form=”1″ submit=”Yes, a free talk and notes sounds like a sweet deal”] Without further adieu, here is the first 30 minutes of the talk.

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