Glute Amnesia, Lateral Shifts, and Evidence Based Practice – Movement Debrief Episode 50

Movement Debrief Episode 50 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me. Here is the set list: What is gluteal amnesia? Is gluteal amnesia a thing? What needs to be done to get the glutes working? What is a lateral shift? Do shift corrections work? How should you handle working with someone with a lateral shift? What is evidence based practice? What does it mean to say you are evidence based? Can we possibly do everything 100% evidence-based? If you want to watch these live, add me on Facebook or Instagram.They air every Wednesday at 7pm CST. Enjoy! and the audio version…                  Here were the links I mentioned: Sign-up for the Human Matrix in Seattle, WA on September 15-16th here Sign up for the Human Matrix in Kansas City, KS on October 28-29th here   Sign-up for the Human Matrix in Portland, OR on November 10-11 here Here is the Instagram post I mentioned in reference to glute amnesia Here is the powerpoint discussing lateral shift Manual Correction of an Acute Lumbar Lateral Shift: Maintenance of Correction and Rehabilitation: A Case Report with Video Bryan Chung The acute:chronic workload ratio predicts injury: high chronic workload may decrease injury risk in elite rugby league players Mike McKenney   Here’s a signup for my newsletter to get nearly 3 hours and 50 pages of content, a free acute:chronic workload

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