Upper Body Unstable Surface, Achilles Tendinopathy, and Manual Therapy – Movement Debrief Episode 44

Movement Debrief Episode 44 is in the books. Below is a copy of the video for your viewing pleasure, and audio if you can’t stand looking at me. Here is the set list: Is there a place for upper body unstable surface training? Can it be justified since we cannot justify lower body unstable surface training? What are some good treatments for Achilles Tendinopathy? What are my thoughts on manual therapy? What do I think about recent manual therapy trends? Is there a place for manual therapy? If you want to watch these live, add me on Facebook or Instagram.They air every Wednesday at 7pm CST. Enjoy! and the audio version…                    Here were the links I mentioned: I couldn’t find a picture of the dome, but this article talks about it. The vestibular platform Shoulder Packing Tim Gabbett Deep friction massage to treat tendinopathy: a systematic review of a classic treatment in the face of a new paradigm of understanding. Achilles and Patellar Tendinopathy Loading Programmes Joel Jamieson Ultimate MMA Conditioning Lateral heel wedges Re-evaluating Manual Therapy Manual Therapy Musings Three-Dimensional Mathematical Model for Deformation of Human Fasciae in Manual Therapy The Mechanisms of Manual Therapy in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain: A Comprehensive Model Manipulation and mobilization for treating chronic low back pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis.   Here’s a signup for my newsletter to get nearly 3 hours and 50 pages of content, a free acute:chronic workload calculator, basketball

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