Do These 3 Exercises to Start 2024

Enhance Your Mobility and Feel Better

2024 is the year to revolutionize our approach to mobility exercises.

If you want to move and feel better, these 3 moves will change da game. They have for my patients and clients. Now it’s your turn.

Let’s dive into these exercises.

Sidelying 5 Month Roll

This exercise is fantastic for anyone struggling with rotational mobility. It’s especially beneficial if you have limited shoulder or hip external rotation. Or if you’re a nerd like me, limitations in:

  • posterior upper thorax and pelvis expansion
  • Anterior to posterior compression.

Here are the keys:

  1. Lie on your side with your head on the pads.
  2. Keep your bottom knee and arm at less than 90 degrees.
  3. Roll your top arm and leg over so you feel the weight on the outside elbow and knee.
  4. Quiet nasal inhale
  5. Soft mouth exhale
  6. During the exhale, press yourself up through these two points. 3-4/10 pressure.
  7. Hold this position and breathe.
  8. Aim for five sets of five breaths per side, twice a day.

Swiss Ball Weight Shift

This move is ideal for those who struggle with differentiating limb and spine movements. You know, you arch your back as you extend your hip. You move your arm and torso as a unit.

The swiss ball prevents that from happening. Prepare to have your abs destroyed.

  1. Place a Swiss ball between your thighs and arms.
  2. Weight bear on four points: each PSIS and between the shoulder blades.
  3. Exhale and shift your weight to one side. Maintain even pressure between that side’s PSIS and shoulder blade.
  4. Inhale in that position
  5. Exhale and go to the other side
  6. Perform three sets of eight shifts per side, twice a day.
Red = PSIS

Low Z Sit

This move is great for addressing pelvic asymmetries and improving torso rotation. It’s a more accessible option compared to standing exercises.

Here are the keys:

  1. Sit with one leg in front, the other back, touching the front foot to the back knee.
  2. Fall to your forearm, and rotate your hand down. Weight bear through the pisiform
  3. The top arm reaches forward.
  4. Rotation your body to feel contact on the outside bottom knee and inside back knee.
  5. Exhale and press yourself up through both knee points and the pisiform
  6. Hold the position and breathe–silent in through the nose, soft exhale through the mouth.
  7. Perform four sets of five breaths per side, twice a day.
Red bone = pisiform (credit: Bodyparts3d)

Sum up

These three exercises are not only movements. They’re a new approach to enhancing your mobility in 2024.

Whether your rotation is boof, move your body as one unit, or feel asymmetrical, these will get you far. Incorporate them into your routine. I bet you’ll feel the difference and move towards a more flexible, pain-free life.