Top Training Techniques for Athletes

How can we easily work with people who play many different sports, without necessarily learning all the technical ins and outs of said sport?

The answer is to have a common framework to operate under movement-wise.

That is one of the many topics we discussed when I was on the Smoothies with Rufus Podcast.

Topics include: 

  • Exercise Selection: Chops and Lifts
  • Rotation During a Golf Swing
  • Applying a General Movement Model to Technical Movements
  • Physical Structure and Olympic Lifting
  • Difference Between a Reach and a Press
  • Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Training
  • Athletes Keeping Their Hips Underneath Them
  • Olympic Style Squat vs. Powerlifting Squat
  • Coaching a Squat
  • My Treatment Approach Based on Setting
  • Prioritizing Basics vs. Providing a Higher Level Stimulus
  • Youth Development vs. Winning
  • Looking Beyond Strength in Sports
  • Youth Exposure to a Variety of Sports
  • My Learning and Teaching Process
  • And more

Check out these specific applications and more by watching the video below:

Also, if you haven’t already, Rufus Gardis is one of the best coaches out there, and you’ll definitely want to subscribe to his podcast:

Smoothies with Rufus Podcast