How To Improve Sitting (It’s Not JUST Posture)

Simple Fixes to Sitting

Sitting too much can be a drag. You feel sore, stiff, and just plain uncomfortable.

But, don’t worry, making sitting better isn’t complicated or expensive.

Here are some easy tweaks to help you sit smarter and feel better.

Eye Strain: The Hidden Trouble

Ever notice how your eyes and neck start to ache after staring at screens? That’s because your eyes are working too hard. Here’s what helps:

  • Keep your screen as far away as an arm’s stretch. It helps your eyes relax.
  • Use the 20-20-20 rule. Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It gives your eyes a much-needed rest.

Those are the freebies. But if you REALLY want to up your game, it’s worth splurging on these options:

1. Computer Glasses

These aren’t the cheaters you buy at Walmart. Computer glasses stop eye strain from computer use dead in it’s tracks. They are like PEDs for nerds like me and you.

But DON’T waste your money on the blue blocking versions. Not much evidence showing they work.

2. More Screen, Less Problems

Adding extra monitors can help your eyes in a big way. Besides making you more productive, bigger text and space means less squinting. Eyes work less hard and you get more comfortable.

Sitting Smarter

Making these adjustments about the way you sit can make a massive impact.

1. Lean Back

Make Fat Joe proud. Sitting all the way back in your chair keeps your back muscles relaxed. The less hard they have the work, the longer you can sit without problems.

2. Arm position

Keep your arms relaxed and at a 90º angle at the elbows.

3. Keep moving

Stay in any posture for too long, even “good ones,” gets uncomfortable. Shift around, stand up, stretch—keep your body guessing.

4. Stand Up, Stretch Out

Being still for too long makes you stiff. Stand up, walk around, or do some quick stretches every hour or so. It keeps the blood flowing and your muscles happy.

I actually like these moves to help break up sitting.

Stand in a doorway. Grip underhand. Lean back and breathe easy.

Elbow on the table. Band around your wrists. Rotate your arms and breathe easy.

Looking straight ahead, rotate your arms back and forth. Let them flop.

5. Change Your Scenary

Switching up where you sit can make a big difference. Try working from different spots in your home or visit a coffee shop. Different environments mean different postures and pressures on your body.

Sum up

Improving how you sit doesn’t have to be hard. With a few vision, sitting, and break adjustments, you can beat the sitting blues.

Remember, the goal is to keep comfortable, stay mobile, and give your body the care it needs throughout the day. Sit smarter, feel better!