The Third Wheel Supportive Material

I wanted to thank you again for attending our seminar at Pure, and I’m hoping I did not disappoint as your 3rd wheel 🙂

After I speak, I want to make sure you get the most out of the material we discussed over the weekend, so I’ve put together a list of supportive materials and resources to enhance your learning.

If you want to improve someone’s ability to move with greater speed and precision, and learn how to have your clients get the most out of the big lifts, then you’ll want to attend my seminar, Human Matrix: The Code for Maximal Health and Performance.


Movement 101

If you want to learn basic movement of the scapula and hip, as well as normal respiratory mechanics, go here.

Movement variability and the use of nonlinear tools: principles to guide physical therapist practice

Coordinative variability and overuse injury

Does the amount of lower extremity movement variability differ between injured and uninjured populations? A systematic review

Reduced variability of postural strategy prevents normalization of motor changes induced by back pain: a risk factor for chronic trouble?

The effect of muscle fatigue and low back pain on lumbar movement variability and complexity


If you want to dive into more stuff on the infrasternal angle, I would check out the following debriefs:

Infrasternal Angles

Overhead vs. Quadruped

Infrasternal Angle Updates

Narrow Infrasternal Angle

If you want to better understand the pelvic portion of things, I would check out these debriefs:

Infrapubic Angle

Lumbopelvic Mechanics

Pelvic Floor

Posterior Pelvic Tilt

Posterior Pelvic Tilt (part 2)

Hip Extension

If you want to learn more about improving the top piston, I would check out these debriefs

Posterior Thorax

Ribcage Pump Handle

We didn’t go into detail on these exercise, but these were some of my go-to moves to improve someone’s mobility

Elevated rockback reach – a great move for someone who is limited with top-piston mobility front and back, as well as a loss of hip extension

Decline quadruped on elbows – I use this for limited top piston mobility and decreased hip extension; you’ll get more pump handle with this

Wall stride – This move is money for restoring hip extension

Sink Squat 2.0 – This is a great move for squatting progressions. It’s a bit different from the bar squat that Lucy and Michelle did


Here is my sample program for the GZA.

Here is a blank template if you’d like to use that for your peeps 🙂