Course Notes: DNS C

It was a Long Week After an incredibly long 5 days, I finally got the chance to assimilate what I learned from the Prague folks at the C level DNS course. Despite coming out with a few good exercise tweaks, I left disappointed. I will need some extreme convincing to continue on with their course work. A man I respect a lot, Charlie Weingroff, likes asking a question regarding interventions: “Can your treatments beat my tests?” With that in mind, I looked at DNS’s capability to beat my tests, which are predominately making changes to PRI objective measures. The answer: Mostly no. I felt a lot of activity with many of the exercises, but if we cannot make measurable changes, then the intervention is not effective. And with the DNS “objective” measures, positive change is attributed visually only. I don’t care how good your eyes are, you can never know if a joint achieves maximal bony congruency by just watching movement. Granted, I did get a few things that I will use regularly. But to get 4 or 5 takeaways for a $1000 price-tag, I feel there are better ways to spend money. Like on shawarma and stuff. Here are my likes and dislikes. Days 1 & 2 aka DNS A & B The first two days were predominately review of the A and B courses; looking over developmental positions and reflex locomotion. It was nice to review old concepts, but does it really have to take two days to

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