Hruska Clinic II: The Follow-up

Six Months Later I have come pretty far in my journey since initially being treated at the Hruska Clinic (see day one, two, and three). I have developed a beautiful squat, am noticing less back issues when I lift, and just generally feel mo’ betta. I also have zero fatigue when reading or on a computer screen. That said, I was still getting some right neck tension and felt that my reading comprehension was not as good as it was. I was accommodating to both my orthotics, so I thought my next trip to Lincoln would be a good time to follow-up. If Youz Ain’t Assessin’ You Guessin’  Came through the door after a long flight and minimal sleep, and surprised even myself. Without any orthotics, I was neutral at my pelvis and thorax, but still had some left cervical axial rotation and right OA sidebending restrictions. I was also lacking the capacity to perform mandibular lateral trusion without kicking in my SCMs. The reason why I don’t have access to my pterygoids for this movement? Those DAMN wisdom teeth.   My wisdom teeth essentially alter pterygoid position and reduce my mandible’s capacity to move. When I protrude, I have to extend my OA joint and utilize a forward head posture to complete the movement. The same thing occurs with lateral trusion. When I attempt the movement, the bony block limits my pterygoids from performing the action. SCMs, in particular the right, try to pick up the slack. From a

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