Course Notes: The Val Nasedkin Seminar

A Long Lost Love  Strength and conditioning is a guilty pleasure of mine. One I love to indulge in from time to time. There is something about the training process that excites me. So when I heard Val Nasedkin was speaking in the US, I jumped on the opportunity. Val is the brilliant mind behind the Omegawave, a device which I have been experimenting with in my own training and hoped to learn more about. I left with a greater appreciation not only for what Val’s system intends to do, but the way he coaches and programs. If you get a chance to hear Val or Roman Fomin speak, take up the opportunity. These guys are both revolutionaries in their respective fields. Here were a few of the big takeaways.   Ze Goal Val created the Omegawave to provide a framework and determine appropriate timing for our current performance methodologies. Most training and rehabilitation processes are chosen based on results. focusing here, however, neglects individual responses to inputs. Great results can come at a great cost to an individual. If biological cost of training can be measured, there is potential to maximize an individual’s health, long term potential, and work capacity, while still achieving desired results.

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