Why You Need Sun Exposure

Do you get out in the sun at all? Increasing my sun time has done wonders for my energy and sleep levels, and it’s an area we probably don’t hear enough about. That’s why I brought my buddy/fam/mentee/amazing Canadian physio Iordan Krouchev to teach y’all about all things related to sun exposure. In this post, he educates you about how to safely be out in the sun, and dispels many common myths surrounding the sun. Read this, enjoy, follow Iordan on Facebook, and get outside afterwards 🙂 All praise the sun For eons, humanity has worshipped the sun very well knowing that without “it”, there would be no “us”. Helios, son of the Titans Theia and Hyperion, drove his fiery chariot from East to West every single day keeping Homer, Socrates and all our other beloved philosophers alive. As much as the sun was venerated, its power was also feared. Losing control over the chariot, Helios’ son Phaethon set the Earth on fire and was quickly struck down by Zeus killing him on the spot in order to avoid the end of mortals. We now know that nor Helios, Ra, Belenus (Celtic), Xihe (Chinese; she also almost led to everything burning) or Surya (Hinduism) are the source of light and life on our planet. However, the fascination, adoration and fright of our ancestors of all cultures was well justified. Without the sun, or with changes in its activity, life as we know it would likely cease. Fast forward to 2018.

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