A Conversation on Learning with Lance Goyke and Jason Byrne

I recorded a really good conversation with two good buddies of mine, Lance Goyke and Jason Byrne. Lance is a strength coach, photographer, student, and writer. He runs the show at IFAST University, coaches at IFAST, and runs his own excellent blog and Youtube channel. He is also a dear friend of mine, one of the first people I met when I interned with Bill Hartman at IFAST. Jason is an Athletic Trainer at Brandeis University and with the Boston Cannons. He is an avid learner, tinkerer, and phenomenal human being. I truly admire his ability to connect with others, his humility, and comfort with learning from failures. Check him out on Twitter or email him at jbyrneatc@gmail.com We went off the top of the dome on this one, as there was no agenda. I was just hoping to help better all of our learning processes. We got that…and then some! Here were some of the topics we covered: Designing a learning process Test-Retest Failure Being comfortable being uncomfortable Connecting with others How to learn Study habits and more If video isn’t your thing, I have a transcript of our conversation below. You can also download the audio version of this talk if you’d like by subscribing to my newsletter. Without further adieu, here is the conversation

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