A Four Step Process to Becoming a Teacher in the Industry

Note from Zac Teaching can be an integral process towards demonstrating mastery of a concept, but what does it take to teach? How does one demonstrate expertise? Trial and error is one key component of that process. A teacher in our field must know what works and does not work. This process is something Lucy Hendricks has practiced in spades, and what makes her a great teacher. Having attended her and Michelle aka “Coach Bo” Boland’s course, I can testify to her skills at making complex topics simple. In today’s post, Lucy outlines some critical steps that must be taken to become an effective teacher in the fitness industry, and how to know who you should trust when it comes to applying information. Enjoy! The Industry Bullshit Meter I was catching up with a friend after not seeing her for over a year. I gave her a quick update on the hardest year of my life where almost every aspect of my life seemed to fall apart, but It ended with “however, It turns out I’m really good at teaching coaches how to coach, that’s going really well, so I have that going for me.” I feel like it’s the one thing I’m good at, and not in a self-deprecating kind of way, more in a proud way. I take coaching movement so seriously the rest of my life just gets ignored. I sometimes don’t eat or clean because I’m busy honing my craft. I’ll even forget to pay my

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