Course Notes: PRI Vision Integration for the Baseball Player

The first Section Where I Usually Say Something Like Whew or This Was the Best Course Ever! Phoenix has yet to disappoint on the CEU front, especially if the Dbacks are hosting. What a facility! After the baseball course that my homies Allen Gruver and James Anderson taught, Ron and Heidi put together a small vision course that one could apply on baseball athletes. Only it was so much more than advertised. Whether it was intended or not, the dynamic duo demonstrated just how extensive the PRI principles are, and spoke to many of the neuroscience foundations to which it was founded on. PRI Vision Integration for the Baseball Player was the Batman Begins of PRI. I am going to tell you right now, you must take this course yesterday. The foundational science alone is worth the price of admission, but adding in the visual training and corresponding life lessons, you get way beyond what you expect. Here were the major nuggets that I picked up.  GGGGGG-rav…a…ty (Said as though 50 Cent read the title)  Two major forces are acting upon a body at all times: gravity and ground. When one is able to manage and be aware of these forces, alternating and reciprocal triplanar activity can be realized. This reason is why PRI emphasizes finding the floor and feeling grounded so much. When these forces go unrecognized within a human system, extension is needed to maintain uprightedness. For example, do you ever notice that some individuals look at the

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