Course Notes: The Elite Speed Seminar

I just finished up the Elite Speed Seminar at what has become my home away from home, Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. The presenters were Lee Taft and Nick Winkelman, and I learned a great deal in an area that I am weak in. Here are the notes and quotes. Multi-Directional Speed Tools That Make Change – Lee Taft Lee talked about 5 qualities to train that separate great from good athletes. Performing well under urgency, as sympathetic states change how we move. Reactivity – These are reacting to finite reactions, such as a gun going off in a sprint. Random reaction – This uses the stretch-shortening cycle more frequently by foot repositioning. Think a shortstop. Tactics – Reacting to fakes and deception. Mistake Recovery – Training to recover from worst case scenarios. Here were Lee’s recommendations for program design. Skill acquisition – The ability to control desired movements. This portion can be trained by either skill components (3-4 exercises), skill itself (1-3 exercises), or linking skills (shuffle to sprint). Force application – Performing the desired movement patterns with increased force or resistance. Random reactive training – Challenge movements under a random setting, but make sure the above 2 components are rock solid first. Here were Lee’s recommendations to progress to reactive training Acceleration → deceleration → Change of direction →One direction reaction → Multi-direction reaction. Some great cues that Lee used Stay in the tunnel. Arms long and strong. Tear the paper – Get in the athletic position, load the big toes, and try to rip

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