Course Notes: PRI Integration for Yoga

Portland is Cool The PRI road show continued on to Portland. This time I learned how PRI integrates with Yoga from the masters—Emily Soiney and James Anderson. Coming into the course I was incredibly biased against Yoga. I’m not a huge fan of crazy mobility expression, which in PRI-land could potentially lead to pathology. Moreover, the crowd that is typically attracted to yoga is of the more flexible variety. Bad news bears. That being said, Emily pleasantly surprised me. With the way Emily teaches Yoga, I see it more now as an expression of moving within your limits; not going beyond those limits like many poses attempt to do. Yoga can be done right, and when it is it’s fahkin’ haad! The goal for PRI-inspired Yoga is to keep the zone of apposition (ZOA) while expressing how far you can move. If you lose the ZOA, then movement integrity is diminished. Let’s find out how we can do that. Yoga Overview…Yogarview???? Whatever  I came into this course knowing piddly diddly about yoga. Which being around several yoga practitioners was a big mistake. There was a lot of Yoga terminology and posing that was discussed nonchalantly, which more than a few times had me lost. I now know how those who are not familiar with PRI feel taking a course for the first time. I only blame myself though. Make sure you are prepped when you go and at least have basic familiarity with basic yoga poses, verbiage, and tenets. There is

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