Building Routines to Maximize Productivity and Reach Your Goals

I was speaking with one of my mentees, Graham, regarding a debrief I did on routines. I was a bit frustrated, because while I did go into my specific routines, I didn’t get as much into the “why” as I wanted to. Graham said I should just podcast it, so kudos to him for inspiring this talk. I think routines are essential in helping you both maximize productivity and reaching your goals. They take a lot of the guesswork and decision-making out of your day, and allow you to focus on what’s important. If you want some tips and ideas on routines, check out the podcast below, in which we talk about: The two reasons routines are essential Why you need goals to build your routines around Examples of some successful routines I’ve used When to and when not to use automation and routines to continue progressing your goals. Go ahead and check it out, or if you’d rather, you can catch the modified transcript below:                  Here are the links I mentioned: Movement Debrief on Routines Red light bulbs True Dark glasses Modified Transcript   The topic we will talk about today is going to be routines, habits, and priorities. Not in that order; I might mix it up a little bit you know what I’m sizzlin’.

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