Quadruped Hold

An important drill that will improve your pushups You ever try a pushup and it just…looks…AWFUL? I’m talking head dipping forward, sagging like crazy, and shoulder blades looking like you might be able to fly kinda pushups? It may be that practicing pushups more IS NOT the answer. It could be that you or your supreme clientele have movement restrictions that prevent boss-status pushups from happening. Limitations that stretching simply won’t fix. Or perhaps there are fundamental aspects that are needed for an effective pushup that were simply glossed over. Folks, I got a drill for you that will improve mobility and teach pushup fundamentals simultaneously. Enter the quadruped hold. This move is essential to master before really pushing the envelope on any weight-bearing upper body exercises—pushups, bear crawls, mountain climbers, and more. Quadruped is like learning musical scales to your Stairway to Pushup Heaven. Let’s start class! Check out the video and post below to learn all about this awesome move!

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