Overhead Press Pain: The FIX You’re Missing

4 Exercises That Alleviate Shoulder Pain FAST! If you’ve got overhead press pain, you’ve got to try these three fixes to help loosen up your arms and take stress off the shoulders. Overhead pressing can be troublesome because it requires a lot of shoulder mobility to ensure solid technique. Without it, you can expect your low back to arch, your shoulder to ache, and your weights to be small. But good news! I’ve got three movements that will loosen up your shoulders and help you with any pain while overhead pressing. Check out the video and post below to learn about it. Get Lower Rib Cage First, it’s important to place attention on the lower rib cage. If the lower ribs are flared out, then the upper lung will have trouble filling and supporting the shoulder blade. And no shoulder blade stability means no shoulder joint mobility! To cue this rib cage position, I like quadruped on elbows. Quadruped on Elbows Start on elbows and knees, forming a triangle shape with your forearms Exhale slowly and pull the belly up toward the ceiling while tucking the hips Press the palms flat into the ground Push the inner elbow through the ground making sure to stay long from top of the head to tail Take an easy inhale through the nose Exhale slowly, but fully, sighing out through the mouth Pause for 5 seconds before repeating for 5 breaths Mistakes to look out for: Don’t crunch when exhaling. Ribs coming backward

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