Impingement, Trusting Your Assessment, Noncompliance, and the Off-Switch – Movement Debrief Episode 15

If you are beyond sad that you missed last night’s Movement Debrief, number 15, I got your back. This time both audio and video are available #growing up. Here’s what we talked about: What impingement is How to treat impingement at any joint When do local inputs matter? Trusting your assessment process When to go beyond your assessment process Why context matters Making the most of noncompliant people Dealing with bad situations The importance of having an “off switch” If you want to watch these live, add me on Facebook,¬†Instagram,¬†or Youtube. They air every Wednesday at 8:30pm CST. Enjoy.   Here were some of the links I mentioned in this Debrief. The 3 Biggest Basketball Conditioning Mistakes Practical Basketball Conditioning How to Treat Pain with Sitting – A Case Study Neurocoffee Impingement Manual Therapy Trusting Your Assessment Noncompliance The Off-Switch    

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