How to Build an Online Service, Training Obese Clients, and Building Relationships

Online services in our industry are still a little bit of a gray area. The logistics are uncertain, and how in the heck can we train or help someone from a movement perspective over the internet? That’s what this outstanding conversation between myself, Michelle Boland  (Instagram: mboland18), and Erik Kreuger.   Below are the list of topics that we cover:   What an online assessment for rehab and training looks like How to elicit behavior change How to stay consistent Productivity systems I have in place Training obese clients and so much more Enjoy!, and check out the transcripts below (work in progress)   or the audio-only version The difference between in-person and online consultations Erik Kreuger: Zac. Talk to me about your overall philosophy. How does it differ between working with someone in person to working with somebody online. You can start with the rehab side and then go to the training and performance side or wherever you would like to start. Zac Cupples: The Philosophy is really the same, but the methods are different. I’m trying to intervene in as many ways possible that are non-invasive. If you look at my interventional model–social support, movement, nutrition, distress management, and sleep–all being ways we can intervene still rings true whether I’m seeing someone in person or or online. And it’s about manipulating all those variables to help meet that client’s goal. Now the big difference between online and in person is I can’t touch people online. So as I tell

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