Treatment at the Hruska Clinic: PRI Dentistry and Vision

For part 1, click here For part 3, click here Jaws will Drop  I’m in the dentist chair, The room slowly get darker and darker. I feel my mouth open, and I wasn’t sure what would happen next. Then Dr. Schnell places the necessary goup in my mouth to get an impression for my splint. I bite, and out comes the finish product. Before the impression was taken, Ron came in and explained what he was hoping to accomplish. He wanted to fit me for a gelb splint to give my tongue some space to move in my crowded mouth. This splint would also help bring my mandible forward. Dr. Schnell: “Is he neutral right now?” Ron: [throws a towel over my eyes and sets my neck in a lordosis] “Now he is.” And with that, the above sequence occurred and I was ready for vision. I couldn’t leave the room without that overarching reminder Ron gave me: Ron: “Margo, if this was your son, what would you do with those wisdom teeth?” Dr. Schnell: “I’d have them pulled.” Yikes! An Eye Opening Experience  It was so much fun watching Ron and Heidi teach together, that I could only imagine what it was like seeing them treat. They did not disappoint. My session was getting videotaped for their marketing department, so I again told them my story. It ought to end up on the Internet sometime, so stay tuned for that! They began the session by showing some of my

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