Sleeping Tips for New Parents & Patients Owning Their Care – Movement Debrief Episode 6

If you missed yesterday’s Movement Debrief live, you missed a doozy.  We discussed the following topics: What strategies new parents can use to maximize the little sleep they get Ways to give patients ownership in their care There are a few products I mentioned or are relevant that you may want to check out: Recommended Relevant Resources Take a Nap, Change Your Life Metashred Diet Found My Fitness Podcast by Rhonda Patrick Tim Ferriss Podcast featuring Rhonda Patrick Meditation Apps Headspace Calm Insight Timer (free) Nootropic Supplements for Alertness Foursigmatic Mushroom Coffee Teacrine – Shoot for 150mg/day Blue Light Blocking Systems blue light blocking glasses f.lux – a blue light blocking app for your computer. Syncs with sunrise and sunset Circadian Rhythm Devices NatureBright Sunlight Plus Light and Ion Therapy Lamp – For use when you live in an area with poor sunlight. Helps stimulate alertness. Also shoots negative ions, which has a bit of research, at least with earthing, to favorably impact heart rate variability. Zero (free) – An app that promotes circadian fasting. Ensures you stop eating before sunset. Sleeping Tips for New Parents Patients Owning Their Care  

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