Come Hang With Me: Courses At My Clinic

Dear Readership  We are hosting several courses at my clinic this year, and we would love to have you, the readers, attend. The three courses that East Valley Spine and Sports will be hosting are all excellent courses. I have taken two of these classes prior, and the third I have taken a prior rendition of. And let me tell you, these courses are boss. Aside from us bringing some excellent content, you will also have the opportunity to hang out with a good group of people, and imbibe in some good beverages with me. Here is what we are bringing. PRI Pelvis Restoration: March 28th-29th  I took this course a little over a year ago (read the review here) and I am very excited to be learning from Lori again. She presents this very complex material in a systematic and understandable fashion. Most importantly, she’s funny! Signup for the course here. ISPI Therapeutic Neuroscience Education: Educating Patients about Pain: June 6th-7th Adriaan Louw is one of the best speakers I have heard, and the material is priceless (read my review here). This course gives several practical insights as well as easy-to-learn neuroscience education that will help you become adept and educating patients on pain. Signup for the course here. ISPI Neurodynamics: The Bodies Living Alarm: October 17th-18th  I took a version of this class when Adriaan spoke for the NOI group, and I am excited to see what tweaks have been made since. This time we are bring Louie

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