Course Notes: THE Jen Poulin’s PRI Myokinematic Restoration

Intro Another retake course is in the books to prep for my PRC testing. This time, it was Myokinematic Restoration with THE Jen Poulin held at Indianapolis Fitness and Sports Training. This class was my Midwest going away present to myself. IFAST has become a second home to me, and any time I can spend with the folks from there I cherish. Plus ma and pa wouldn’t be too happy with me if I didn’t 🙂 I also had yet to take a course instructed by Jen, so I was very curious to hear her perspective on the PRI science. I won’t go into the Myokin nitty-gritty like I did here, but what I will do is go into concepts that were cleaned up for me this time around. Want to know what I learned? Let’s do it!   PRI Patterns = Primitive Reflexes Ron Hruska just doesn’t make shit up. Right off the bat Jen stated that the patterns were based off of primitive reflexes that can be elicited in everyone. And for you EBP folks, this is demonstrated here and here. The left AIC has its origins from the asymmetrical tonic neck reflex, and the PEC from tonic labyrinthine reflex.   and the PEC from the tonic labyrinthine reflex   Jen was the first person to state this claim outright, and to hear it in the basic of basic courses…It made my heart melt. You Down with Several P’s? Yeah You Know Me. Another big thing Jen discussed was

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