Mouth Breathing – FIX it for Good

Why Nasal Breathing is Better Are you tired of CONSTANTLY mouth breathing? If not, you should be. It might be the KEY to improving your health. In this blog post, we’ll dive into: Check out the post and video below to get into it! Why Nasal Breathing Matters You might be thinking “Why does it matter how I breathe? Can’t I just breathe through my mouth like a normal person?” Considering the health of “normal people,” let’s think again. Let’s look at the positive health benefits of nasal breathing first. Nasal breathing: Contrast that with the negative health consequences of mouth breathing: Given the stark contrast, it makes sense to nasal breathe like a BOSS. But it’s more complicated than only breathing through your nose. According to this study, oropharyngeal exercises trumped nasal breathing alone for sleep apnea. Below are some examples of that in this playlist. Optimal nasal breathing requires the best of both worlds. Here’s how we can incorporate both concepts. The 3 Keys to Nasal Breathing There are three major keys to mastering nasal breathing: 1. Tongue posture 2. Lip posture 3. Nasal breath quality Let’s dive into how to nail each piece. Tongue posture The tongue should be GENTLY placed on the roof of the mouth between the teeth. This helps seal off the oral airway and pulls the nasal floor down. Sometimes, limited tongue mobility can impact this action. Here’s how to address the inability to achieve this posture. Can’t get the tongue to the

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