Hamstrings and the ACL, Explaining Hip Range of Motion, & Meeting the Patient’s Needs – Movement Debrief Episode 4

If you missed me live, you can check out Episode 4 of Movement Debrief below. We hit a small technical difficulty early on, but it all ended up working out. We discuss the following concepts: Why I Emphasize Hamstrings before quadriceps after ACL reconstruction Why Hip Rotation isn’t always a reliable measure Interpreting the Ober’s Test Meeting the Patient’s Needs vs the Clinician’s Needs I apologize that the quality is not so great. I’ve moved to a rural part of Arizona, which as of right now does not allow for the best of streaming. If you friend me on facebook, however, you can watch the live stream, which has surprisingly much better quality. Click here for the post I mentioned discussing combining blood flow restriction training with E-stim. Hamstrings and the ACL Explaining Hip Range of Motion Meeting the Patient’s Needs    

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