I Got Fired from the NBA – Here’s What I Learned

How to make the most of losing your dream job It was the dream job. A job that almost any physical therapist would want to have. That job was being an NBA physical therapist. It was like being a kid at a rehab candy store. We had time, resources, no visit limits because of silly insurance, and the ability to control so many more variables.  I could influence so many different things for the players. In the D-League in particular, I was the PT, strength coach, nutrition coach, and sports scientist. It was an awesome experience. And then I got the call. I walked into the general manager’s office, and he broke the news: “We’ve had to eliminate your position.” Which is a euphemism for: “You’re fired.” I had seen it happen many times in the league as players come and go. And everyone was very cordial and matter of fact when their time came.  “Hey, I got traded, I’m out.” “Hey, they let me go. I’ll catch you later.” “Yo, they waived me, man, I’ll see you around.” And now it was my turn to do the same, and I exited in a similar fashion. It sucked and was an immense low. Yet, this experience was life-changing for me on many levels. Although it was a tough time, I ended up turning things around and haven’t looked back since.  I returned to educating, which is what I believe my calling is. I’m grateful for that experience, and the lessons

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