Online Consult with The Manual Therapist

The Rundown My good friend Erson Religioso of The Manual Therapist fame recently contacted me to do a consult for some back/leg trouble he has been having. It was a very interesting eval for many reasons. Online consults are a completely different animal, as you cannot do any hands-on testing. Moreover, when you have a therapist who is initiated into pain neuroscience, you don’t have to go so much the Explain Pain route 🙂 So with this eval, we looked at things a lot through a PRI lens, and were able to get him strategies to modulate his pain experience. The eval runs a smidge over 1 hour, so here are some vids with a quick rundown. Subjective – Getting paresthesia down the R LE that began 2 weeks ago after a car ride…has peripheralized since initial event. – Symptoms are aggravated with static sitting or standing…onset ranging from seconds to minutes. – Has tried loading/unloading MDT strategies, neurodynamics, Mulligan techniques, IASTM, compression wrapping, etc…all to no avail. Objective (major findings) – Limited B Apley’s scratch (1 per FMS scoring) – Negative slump and ASLR – Painful lumbar motions of extension, right rotation and sidebend. R sidebend was limited. – Negative thomas test on left, positive on right – Slight limitations in active seated hip IR B, R>L. – Adduction lift scores 1/5 B. My Impression If I were to classify Erson, it seems his symptoms would seems to be more dominant as peripheral nociceptive ischemic and central sensitivity (he stated he has

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