Top 10 Posts of 2021

The posts the fam loved the most! At the end of each year, I like to see what you wonderful folks loved! What the fam….recognized (fam). This year we went IN DEEP with biomechanics. A whole lotta pelvis especially, but also some feet and scapular stuff. If you want to learn more, then definitely check out this year’s top 10. Wishing you the best for 2022! 10. All About The Pelvic Floor My understanding and application of what the pelvic floor is doing as we move and breathe has become much more refined. This post is the best example of that. When you recognize that the pelvic floor contracts segmentally, you’ll look differently on exercise prescription. 9. Split Squat Biomechanics The split squat is an incredibly versatile exercise, and you can really vary it up if you grasp the biomechanical positions that occur as you move through the movement. This post provides a deep dive into this awesome move! 8. Maxillary Expansion Before and After 1 Year in the Crozat Appliance This year, I learned that there are three polarizing topics that you should not discuss with others: Religion Politics Upper airway treatments This post was by far my most controversial, where I outline what happened to myself after a year of being in the Crozat appliance. So far, the results have been pretty solid! 7. Core Training Do rib flares matter? Why do we stack and posteriorly tilt the pelvis? How should the core work as we walk? These were a few of

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