Cash Pay Physical Therapy vs Insurance – WHAT WINS?

The stark difference between cash pay and insurance-based PT  Cash pay and insurance-based physical therapy are quite different, but how? I’m going to answer that for you today! I’ve spent the last 2 years in a cash pay physical therapy practice, having worked in insurance-based physical therapy for the first 8 years (aside from my stint in the NBA). All of these endeavors were as an employee. And today, my fam, you’re going to learn the differences I’ve noticed between each of these practice styles. Check out the video, blog, and podcast below to learn more! The tradeoffs between cash pay and insurance physical therapy Admittedly, my insurance-based physical therapy experiences were quite different than most outpatient orthopedic settings.  Aside from my orthopedic residency and in the NBA D-league, I’ve always worked in settings that provided patients one-on-one care, not the typical patient mill 5 patients per hour kinda BS. However, being able to work in these settings came at a cost: Pay was less compared to patient mills (My Chicago suburbs gig) Unsustainability due to the location’s insurance strength (Phoenix, AZ) caused the practice to go under The clinic was in a very rural area (I’ve known some major cities (Seattle, WA) that have great insurance benefits, but one-on-one care is more likely if you go rural) When you are a dude who wants to live in a major city and experience its amenities, that’s tough, yo! Conversely, the “sacrifices” so to speak, are a bit different in the

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