Calling All Haters

It’s UBER important to seek out counterpoints to your thoughts. Not only will this help fill any gaps in your knowledge, but it’ll also help both parties get closer to the truth. But there is a tactful way to do this and a less tactful way. We go over the tactful way in this video, and why I’m having a hard time finding detractors who truly grasp the way I approach my movement model. So if you disagree with me, hop on Office Hours, and let’s talk about it! Watch this video to learn more! A better way to criticize I’m not one to criticize peeps much on the internet, mainly because there is not much to learn for either party unless a conversation is had. And uh, fam, those social media fights we get in are NOT conversations. I’m talking good ole’ back and forth dialogue. The goal of any critical discussion should be for both parties to get closer to the truth. In order to do that, the person who it providing the critique ought to be able to steel man the other person’s point of view. What is steel manning? I’m glad you asked! Steel manning basically involves summarizing the key points of a person’s argument in teh strongest manner possible. You want to be able to understand the other person’s process so well that they say: “daumn fam I wish I would’ve said it that way.” From there, you can then poke any logical holes that

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