The Most Important Cues for the Fundamental Movements

Finding that one cue that completely changes a client’s movement quality is beyond gratifying. A cue that makes an exercise go from cringeworthy to oh so pretty. But with so many available moves to choose from, it can become challenging to find the right cue for each individual exercise. Thus, attempting to condense moves into similar buckets may reduce the amount of cues we need. A good cue produce results across similar movements. One concept that Pat Davidson has really made me think about is the concept of a movement archetype. That is, a typical example of a given activity. Regardless of which variation you choose, there are certain qualities that make a squat a squat. You will never confuse a squat with a pushup. These similarities pose a question then. Can I devise an archetypical cue? A cue that would address a particular quality of a given movement task across all variations? That is what my mentee Aadil has challenged me to do, and is going to be a major part of my course: Human Matrix. So today, we are going to look at the following moves: Squat Hinge Reach Pull Press Accessory (aka “core”) What I am going to provide for you today is one cue that you can use for each of these base moves. A cue that is useful among all variations, and ought to maximize performance in each of these endeavors. Let’s dive in.

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