Treatment at the Hruska Clinic – Initial Evaluation

For part 2, click here. For part 3, click here. “Do you produce enough saliva?” That was the first interview question Ron Hruska asked me; something I will never forget. I went to Lincoln, NE for almost a week to take a course, get treated, and observe PRI in it’s purest form. I wanted to see Ron out of curiosity and because I cannot achieve neutrality on my own. I have done most every exercise that could be thought of and been “worked on” by my fellow comrades and a couple PRI instructors in courses; nothing could budge. I knew I needed some type of orthotic to get somewhere; the question was which one? Subjective Complaints I do not have any pain really. My only complaints are a tight neck and I can’t seem to deadlift without feeling most of the effort in my back. I don’t see this deadlifting problem as a form issue necessarily. Interning with Bill Hartman at IFAST cleaned that up, and for a long time I could feel glutes and hamstrings all day when I deadlift. But not now. Other “issues” I have Left TMJ clicks; nonpainful. Clench jaw at night. Eye strain after reading on a computer too long (duh). By PRI standards, I am a classic PEC. I have no pathology anywhere, but I am limited in almost every motion.  I knew this and so did Ron. Objective Exam  First Ron had me walk and was pointing out some things to my student-to-be Trevor,

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