Airway Dentistry with Dr. Brian Hockel

How a dentist can improve your sleep, breathing, and more If you have perfect sleep, NEVER mouth breathe, and have excellent tongue posture, then you can skip this post.  But if you are like the rest of us, no doubt you or your clients struggle in one or many of these areas.  What if all of these issues were related to the structure of your mouth? That’s why I interviewed Dr. Brian Hockel, a dentist who I work with personally, and a leading expert in the field of dentistry and airway orthodontics. In this podcast, you’ll learn: How facial structure can impact breathing and tongue position Why a CPAP doesn’t really fix sleep apnea How a well-trained dentist can improve mouth position to enhance your sleep and breathing How occlusion, tooth contact, may not be the exact science that people make it out to be What you need to look for to find a dentist who can best help your sleep and breathing If the health of your airway is important to you and you want to get your sleep on fleek, then you need to check out this interview.

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