The Guide to Travel Physical Therapy & Psychology – A Randy Bowling Movement Conversation

I recently had the pleasure of talking about all things travel PT and psychology with my dear friend, Randy “The Dolph” Bowling. Randy has been a traveling physical therapist for almost 10 years now, and has a substantial knowledge base on the traveling process. He also is very much into psychology, and thought me a few things. You can find Randy on facebook and Instagram. Here were some of the topics discussed: Why Randy chose to become a traveler How to best interact with travel companies How to network with other travelers The need for negotiation What do travel contracts look like What does the interview process look like What makes a good traveler Randy’s thoughts on psychology How important is focusing on pain? Why Randy is a big fan of Louis Gifford Here is the video, audio, and scroll down to read the modified transcript. Enjoy!   Here were some of the links mentioned by The Dolph Fordyce’s Behavioral Methods for Chronic Pain and Illness Clinical Reasoning for Manual Therapists Pain-Related Fear: Understanding and Treating the Complex Patient Aches and Pains The Seductive Allure of Neuroscience Explanations Modified Transcripts   Zac: Hello you beautiful, sexy, outstanding people. This is Zac Cupples from, and I’m bringing you another movement conversation with my good friend, the legend himself, quo board extraordinaire, straight out of Arkansas, “The Dolph,” Randy bowling. Say hi to the people Randy, Randy:  Hey my name is Randy. Zac: The reason why I wanted to bring Randy on for this movement

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