Pat Davidson’s Rethinking the Big Patterns Course Review

I recently attended a class put on my dear friend Pat Davidson, a phenomenal strength coach and lecturer out of NYC. I’ve had many thought provoking conversations with Pat over the years, but this was the first time that I got to hear him teach. And whoa is all I have to say. With his knowledge, speaking style, and adeptness at mixing theoretical and practical application, Pat is one of the most engaging speakers I have come across in recent years. Pat is one of those people that you have to check out. Period. ’nuff said. When he’s not moving heavy weight, you can find Pat on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’d also be remiss to not gave a shout out to Dave Rascoe for making the entire trip and course possible. You are a dear friend, and glad you reached out to me earlier in the year. I also must give a shout out to all the wonderful people who I finally got a chance to meet in person, including Lucy Hendricks (thx for helping me wake the sleeping giant called my right butt), D-Wil and Tom Cooper for the greatest training session of my life, Aaron Davis for sparking me to think about a wide variety of things, Brenda Gregory for #explaininglabs and being awesome, Paul Monje for teaching me about all things video , Teo for being the man, Patrick, Michael, and many more. Check out the video review below, and once you’ve done that, check out my notes.

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