Three Keys to a Successful Home Exercise Program

I recently had someone ask me about how I get people to do their exercises on the regular at home. Let’s face it, it can be challenging to have clients succeed if they are not doing the stuff they need to do at home. Only so much can be accomplished in the small portion of time we as clinicians and coaches spend with our clients. If you follow the steps I have in the podcast and transcript below, you can see home exercise program execution increase substantially. Enjoy!                    Modified Transcript We’re going to talk about designing and executing an effective home exercise program that helps your clients reach their goals. A lot of the keys are on you, my friend; regardless of if you are a coach, clinician, trainer, or nutritionist. I don’t care what you are! If you want your people moving effectively, and you use movement to help them reach their goals, this one’s for you. Educate on why the home program is important The first key, first and foremost, is education. You have to educate your people as to why doing activity X is important, and how is it going to help them reach their goals. Many times you will give an activity in a  home exercise program that does not seem related whatsoever to the offending activity. How is this breathing activity going to help me get to the mailbox without pain? How is activity B going

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