The Derek Hansen Speed Seminar

It turns out the Hamptons isn’t just a place to live large. It’s also a place where great learning can take place. That is exactly what recently happened when me and my boizzz arranged a 1-day seminar with sprint coach extraordinaire, Derek Hansen. For those who don’t know, Derek is one of the best sprint coaches in Canada, and had spent 10 years learning from THE Charlie Francis. He is a wealth of knowledge in many areas, but the course focus was on all things sprinting, speed, acceleration, and periodization. The setup we arranged was very unique. We watched Derek coach three different athletes on sprint mechanics, and watching the man work was quite remarkable. His ability to find the right cue, verbiage, and drill to attain improved sprint mechanics was remarkable. He is definitely an artist at his craft. Point being, if you get a chance to hear the man speak, do so. You won’t regret it. Without further ado, here are the notes. [Note – I am not the best sprinter in the world, so bear with me on the videos]

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