Course Notes: PRI Integration for Baseball

Another Course in the Books Back in November I had the pleasure of attending a new Baseball PRI affiliate course, taught by my homies Allen Gruver and James Anderson. I really enjoyed this course because it was such a high-level affiliate and great prep for my PRC. We went into great deal regarding position, throwing mechanics, and treatment. A…lot…of…stuff. One of the most amazing pieces of the course was Allen’s ability to breakdown complex baseball movements into their basic biomechanical bits, And from that point show what compensatory things could occur if limitations are present. His eye for these things is unreal. That piece of the course is a post or two on its own, so I won’t touch it here. In fact, I probably won’t touch it at all. Go to this great class and be wowed by Allen. You will be motivated to become a better clinician. I know I was. Here are some of the big takeaways. PRI 101 v 3.0 I’ve heard this overview three times this year now, and it is amazing that I still pick up things from it. James really outdid himself here. The big piece this time around was space. We want space maximized. In the vision course we discussed maximizing left peripheral visual space because the pattern reduces this quality. The pattern in general reduces our ability to move through triplanar space. There are a few other reasons that we would be unable to shift into our left side. Overactive muscles

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