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All About Myofunctional Therapy | Melissa Mugno

If you mouth breathe, struggle sleeping, snore, or have eustachian tube issues, then check this out! Mouth breathing is linked to sleep disorders, tooth decay, eustachian tube issues, and so much more, what do you do about it? Could the answer be myofunctional therapy? That’s what I sift through with Myofunctional therapist Melissa Mugno. In this podcast, you’ll learn: Why Steph Curry chews on his mouthguard the way he does Why do we clench and grind our teeth? The importance of breastfeeding on orofacial development What myofunctional therapy is and where it belongs in the healthcare system The two causes of the mouth breathing epidemic and how to tackle this problem How behavior change plays a crucial role in a successful outcome The intersection of physical and myofunctional therapy Why belly breathing is totally overrated The myofunctional therapy intervention process The link between swallowing and eustachian tube dysfunction and TONS more If you are ready to make your upper airway healthy as can be, then definitely check this podcast out.

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The Evolution of My Treatment Process

What has changed in my treatment model? If you aren’t getting better, you are getting worse, so how has your thought process and model changed? I was asked this question recently, and I think over the last several years many things have changed. There has been a bigger focus towards: The basics Sleep Building power And more! What changes have been made? Check out Movement Debrief Episode 147 below to learn more!

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